The former synagogue

The former neologic and status quo synagogue on the Bartók square was reconstructed in 2001, and ever since it is the centre of culture named Menora Saag Centrum Artis. More and more memorial plaques in honour of prominent Jewish and Christian famous persons can be found on the wall in the courtyard. There is also situated the symbolic statue of the Slovak citizen. In the back of the courtyard is a memorial of the holocaust, artistically designed tree of life, and paintings of the important events in history of human civilization. The entrance to the inside part of the courtyard (called Átria Europe) is guarded by two wooden statues of Aztecs. Inside of the synagogue are usually exhibits the occasional exhibition, but there is also a permanent exhibition of famous people portraits, who have connection with the area of south Slovakia made by present-day artists.
Tue-Fri: 12:00 – 17:00

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