The monastery of the Premonstratesian

The monastery of the Premonstratesian Order in Šahy was founded by the noble family Hunt – Poznan in the first half of 13th century. During the middle Ages the monastery was attacked by other aristocratic families. It was also occupied by Husits. The monastery was fortified gradually, and in the 16th century it became an anti-Turkish fortress. The Ottoman army destroyed the monastery in 1552. The Jesuit Order was built in the ruins after the Turks left. Since the 18th century the monastery belonged to the canonry of Rožňava. The monastery was administrated by tenant farmers till 1948. In the present times there is only to be seen the remains of walls of the former fortified monastery. These walls were built in to the Baroque Roman Catholic church in Šahy (porch with Late Roman, Early Gothic, and Baroque elements), and to the Baroque “house of Jesuits” (arcades of the Gothic cloister).
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